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【Conciderations in animal welfare】
NAS Laboratory Ltd. complies with Japan's Act on Welfare and Management of Animals and the related guidelines. During the animal experiment, we pay respect for the lives of laboratory animals and give sufficient consideration to “3Rs principles” (Replacement: active use of alternative methods of experiment, Reduction: reducing the number of test animals and Refinement: alleviation of pain).
NAS laboratory Ltd.

1885-2 Komaino,Narita,Chiba,Japan


Business contents
Rental laboratory, P2 animal room and P2 laboratory for the medical and pharmacological experiments (adjacent to Narita International Airport)
Many types of contract research services in the medical field
Contract research services in cardiovascular field
Training in cardiovascular medical technology
Contract research services for safety and usability of medical equipment
Training in medical technology
Contract animal study services and animal feeding services
Distribution of animals

Livestock (cattle, cow, horse, pig, goat, sheep, chicken), experimental animal (dog, cat, monkey, rabbit, rat, mouse), pets, etc.

Contract study services for veterinary medicinal product

The following GLP, GCP, non-GLP and non-GCP studies:

Pharmacokinetic study, safety study, residue study, clinical or no-clinical efficacy study (veterinary drugs, parasiticides for flea or tick), bio-equivalence study, etc.

Contract production service of immune serum with experimental animals

Pharmacokinetics study of new compounds with experimental animals

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