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【Conciderations in animal welfare】
NAS Laboratory Ltd. complies with Japan's Act on Welfare and Management of Animals and the related guidelines. During the animal experiment, we pay respect for the lives of laboratory animals and give sufficient consideration to “3Rs principles” (Replacement: active use of alternative methods of experiment, Reduction: reducing the number of test animals and Refinement: alleviation of pain).
NAS laboratory Ltd.

1885-2 Komaino,Narita,Chiba,Japan


Business contents
Rental laboratory, P2 animal room and P2 laboratory for the medical and pharmacological experiments (adjacent to Narita International Airport)
Many types of contract research services in the medical field
Contract research services in cardiovascular field
Training in cardiovascular medical technology
Contract research services for safety and usability of medical equipment
Training in medical technology
Contract animal study services and animal feeding services
Distribution of animals

Livestock (cattle, cow, horse, pig, goat, sheep, chicken), experimental animal (dog, cat, monkey, rabbit, rat, mouse), pets, etc.

Contract study services for veterinary medicinal product

The following GLP, GCP, non-GLP and non-GCP studies:

Pharmacokinetic study, safety study, residue study, clinical or no-clinical efficacy study (veterinary drugs, parasiticides for flea or tick), bio-equivalence study, etc.

Contract production service of immune serum with experimental animals

Pharmacokinetics study of new compounds with experimental animals


Privacy Policy


Privacy policy

Privacy policy
NAS LaboraTory co., Ltd. (Called "Company" as below) always thinks that the trust from customer is the most important so we consider to handle personal information of customers accurately, secretly as our important responsibility. To do that, we create ”Privacy policy” and demand our staff as well as related companies strictly follow up. Policy content is as below. In addition, about the personal information which we had already, we also obey this policy to handle.
Handling of personal information
(1) Get personal information
Our company will get personal information by legal and right method. In case we request customer to provide personal information, we will explain purpose and usage content to get in advance then we get personal information on the range of legal business of our company as well as the limit of necessary information for that purpose.
(2) Use and share personal information
We will use your information provided in range of usage purpose. About range of usage purpose, we will use on the range of legal business of our company as well as the limit of necessary information as below.
●Usage purpose range
・In case to perform create website, maintain, support
・If you are a contact of business
・In case we guide about product and service
・In case we answer questions or requests of customer
・In case we confirmed purpose with customer in advance and get customer’ approval.
●About usage of purposes which are not as above
In case we need to use personal information of customer with other purposes which are not as above, and are not allowed by law, we will need to get  approval of customer about our usage.
(3) Provide personal information to third party
Our company will not provide customer personal information to third parties without approval of customer. However, if it is being applied by law and law range or it in special circumstances, such as obligations from the law this will be not limited.
(4) Procedures to show public and modify personal information
If customer wants to refer, modify, delete personal information which provided to us, please contact our sales man. Only in the case customer’ request will be effect on our operations, if we can confirm that customer is really true, we will show, modify and delete personal information as customer requested on illegal period.
Rules and laws
Our company will obey the rules and laws relating to protect personal information that we have. Our policy is decided base on rules and laws of each country.  Our policy is also decided as basic policy relating personal information protection. Our company will try best to protect personal information based on rules/laws following our policy.
Safe management measurement
Our company will protect your personal information from illegal access, loss, destroy, make fake or disclose personal information…, and we will carry out suitable, safety measures and prepare management organization to assure safe and exact of information. Besides training activities with our staffs, managers about our personal information protection, limiting entrance of outsider to office who uses personal information, we will try best to manage suitably with responsible managers.
Continuous improvement
We will continuously re-confirm and improve so that our policy can be suitable of changing law of every country usage method to protect personal information.
Contact us
Please conatct our customer service centre about Provacy Policy
【Customer service centre】
≪NAS LaboraTory co., Ltd.≫
1885-2, Komaino, Narita-shi, Chiba, 286-0121, Japan
TEL +81-476-35-5766
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